Thursday, May 10, 2018



In Math, we have been working on 7 different station that include the 7 different measurements we are focusing on: length, area, volume, capacity, mass, time, and temperature.

My first station was the mass station. I learnt that 500kg is equivalent to 500ml of water. I wonder what other measurements we could do using  kg and ml? What I would do next time is I would try using different measurement with another measurement and see whats the difference between those two types of measurements.

My second station I worked on is the temperature station. I wanted to work on my question since I didn't  get to work on it last time. I found out that yesterday, outside class was 30'C and inside was 23'C. Theirs 7'C difference between inside and out. I also found out that theirs 17'C difference between cold water and hot water. If I got to redo this station, my question would be: What's the differents between yesterday's temperature vs the temperature today?

Today I got to work on the kool-aid station. I think and learnt that the best recipe is 100ml of water. I wonder what happens if I mixed all of the kool-aid flavors what will it taste like? If I got to do this activity again, I would work on what I wonder if I had the ingredients to do it.

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Music Concert

It was March 15th, two weeks from now when the G4 and 5 students had their Music Concert located in the UNIS Theatre. Their were singing, basketballs, playing instruments. We wanted to show what we have done in instrumental class and to show our progress to our parents.

Students got to play saxiphone, flute, cello, violin, trumpet, drum,... I had the opportunity to play the flute. Two issues I had while playing the flute was that me and one of my friend had played two notes earlier than the whole band. I had skipped some notes because I lost the rythm and forgotten what note it was. I felt very nervous the minute I stepped onto the stage but I realized I wasn't alone, I had the whole band playing with me.

The band had played three songs which were: "Lightly Row", "Let's Rock", and "Mickey Mouse Marche". For Lightly Row, the band had made a few misstakes but ended with a nice soothing sound. Let's Rock was a little off beat, the band had rushed playing the instruments not knowing they were. Even though they rushed, the audience had no clue at all. The band did an astonishing job at playing Mickey Mouse Marche. Playing it on the beat, remembering all the notes, knowing what the rythm was. It was just amazing!

All G5 students sang three songs at the end of the show. "Have you ever seen the rain", "I'm on top of the world", and "Hold back the river". I think the best song we sang was "Have you ever seen the rain" because at the end of the song, the G4 joined in.

I think that the concert was successful and that if we had to perform again, we could do a better job.

Weekly Blog

For UOI, we had to work on our specialist intergration. Their were three choices we got to choose which were: Music, Art, and PE. My group had chosen art. What we did was went around the school taking photos of posters, learner profiles and other images made by UNIS. We did this because we wanted to show whether UNIS has done a good job at making sure that both genders were shown on posters. I learnt that UNIS is doing a good job at having boys and girls taking part in every activity. I wonder how UNIS can improve on including male teachers to teach the ES?

For Math, we are now learning about a new unit which is "Area and Permimeter". Area is finding the space inside of any polygon. Perimeter is the distance outside of any polygon. A polygon is a shape that has no curves. So far, we have done a Unicorn Problem and Tam's Bathroom Tile Problem. We had to find the area and perimeter by using. I learnt that if you understand the pattern you might get the answer. I wonder why we are learning about area and perimeter this year?

For Literacy, we are learning about a response text. A response text is giving your opinion and adding judgement words in your piece of writing. What we've done is we wrote a response text about our Music Concert. I think that a response text can help you work on your adjectives because you have to add in judgement words. I wonder how this can help you in the future and when you will have to use a response text?

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Exhibtion 2

This week was a very busy week out of all the weeks for PYPX Exhibition. My group is just me and Mira. Our SDG is #10, reduce inequality. Our main topic/focus is LGBT. We have chosen three main key concepts: Form, Causation, and Responsibility.

 In the passed weeks, me and Mira were only able to accomplish one of our key concepts which was Form. We were now working on our second key concept which is "Causation". Everybody was almost done with their research while me and Mira had trouble getting the information done since we were just a goroup of two. It was thursday when our mentor came in to our class and  handed us this sheet of paper which was a grid sheet. This grid sheet was for us to write down what question we were trying to find, what cite we used to look for our question, and what information we found from that cite. We only had 24hours to work on our grid sheet because on friday we had our mentor meeting with them. Their were three questions we had to answer that related to discrimination, equality, and human rights.

 It was friday and we had our mentor meeting. Me and Mira was able to get all of the questions done. When we met with our mentor, she said that the grid sheets were really helpful and that we should use it more often. What we just needed to do was to add more detail in our iformation we got. Now that we only had one key concept left, we now just had to email two teachers who helped out on this specific topic and to go around the school asking people about LGBT. I think that the grid sheets were really helpful, organized, and usefull.

Tuesday, March 6, 2018


We are now starting on our exhibition. I think that our exhibition is about how we talk about how we talk/share about our passion and what types of problem there are in the world that includes our passion so that we could help so that we can do our passion without having any problems. For an example: Ms. Tina said that on her vacation, she got to do her passion which is swimming but whenever she goes for a swim, she always see's plastic bags floating around her. So she wants to help that from not happening anymore.

 We had to choose three SDG's for our exhibition. I chose for number 1: Gender Equality; number 2: No poverty; number 3: Good health and well being. I chose these because I think that these are one of the most important ones that relate to people around the world.

 I really hope i get gender equality because that's a really big issue. At the moment, women have less opportunity than men in many different ways. Two of them is less access to higher education and greater health and and safety risk.

 If you want to know more about gender equality, check out Gender Equality and Women's Empowerment. And if you want to know more about global issues, check out Global Issues Overview.

Saturday, March 3, 2018


This week we had to do our ISA(international school assessment) test. Our subjects were math, reading, and writing.

For math, we had 2 tests. For test 1, we got 1 whole hour. The questions we got were challenging but some of them was also quite easy. I wasn't able to finish test 1 but I was able to finish test 2. My teacher said that test 2 was harder but somehow, I felt that test 1 was more challenging than test 2.

For reading, we had to read these stories and answer some questions. We only had 1 test on reading. I wasn't able to finish my test AND I ONLY HAD TWO QUESTIONS LEFT(I think so)! I wish I got more time to finish my reading test so that I don't have to think about it anymore.

For writing, we had to do two assessments. The first writing assessment was about a shoe. We had to either make this shoe the main subject of the story or the shoe could be a part of the story. I decided that the shoe would be the main subject about the story. Apparently, I introduced the main character too much that I didn't have enough time to write about the problem. Our second assessment was about "Would you want to be famous?". We had to talk about our own opinion. Sort of like a discussion essay but giving your opinion the whole time. I was able to complete this assessment.

I think that for me, if I do 2 assessments that are the same subject, I would not finish the 1st assessment but able to finish the 2nd assessment.

Thursday, February 1, 2018

weekly blog

Today, the National Assembly(UyXavierMika, me and Seo Yeon) chose the NEW president because our president that we elected at the beggining(Graham), was not a very great president(and he is not here today). So how we chose the new president was by asking our citizens of who would like to be class president and ZachMoritzKarolina, and Oliver volunteered. They had to say a speech and then the rest  of the citizens got to choose one out of those four to be class president. The person who got the most votes was Zach and so he is our new class president from now on. but we are still keeping the National Assembly. I hope that the new president will be responsible and will do as he says in what he said in his speech!

Since the National Assembly had to make our schedule, one of the things we had to do was "make 'mean average' to practice". My question that I did was: What is the 'mean average' age of when 5A students rode there very first bike? So far, i was able to survey and do the number line but I haven't finish on doing the model, algorithm, and conclusion.

For Literacy, we had independent reading, but in that amount of time, we took most of the time electing our new president and so we only had around 5 minutes of independent reading. We still had one more period and the National Assembly chose in that time, Flying Solo.