Thursday, January 18, 2018


 Happy New Year! This year, our new unit is government. So far, we learnt four different types of government which are monarchy, anarchy, dictatorship, and democracy.

Monarchy is when there is a leader that gives orders. Our class monarchy was Xavier. So basically, we had a piece of pie and we divided each piece equally for everyone. After that, we gave every student a slice of pie and whoever got a piece of toy becomes the monarchy which is Xavier. This wasn't very exciting because we were controlled by someone.

Anarchy is when there is no leader and they have to make there own decision. We were anarchies from 8:10 to 1:15 on Tuesday. What I did in the amount of time was I played two types of math games which were Literacy Planet and Factor Game. In my opinion, anarchy isn't very organized and if there is a problem, there is no one to help you.

 Dictatorship is a person/a small group that has unlimited power. On Wednesday, Mr. Nathan was our dictatorship and he controlled us. I didn't really like it because we had to follow his orders and some of the things he ordered us to do was quite boring.

 And lastly, democracy is when people vote for something. On Thursday, we had three options and everyone in the class had to choose one out of the three and go there. After that, which ever group had the most vote won. And then that group would tell us our schedule.

My favorite is democracy because it's the most efficient! 

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Bài văn miêu tả cảnh đẹp

Bài văn của em

Bài học này của chúng em là "Thiên Nhiên Tươi Đẹp". Bài văn này là bài văn đầu tiên của em về bài học này. Chúng em phải viết văn để chúng em có thể học được những gì chúng em cần phải sửa lúc viết một bài văn. Em nghĩ bài náy sẽ giúp em tiếp tục viết tốt hơn.

Thursday, November 30, 2017

My Narrative Reflection

 A few weeks ago, we had to write a narrative story. My teacher, Mr. Nathan, gave us a image to help us think of an idea and a piece of paper to write our narrative. After we did that, we had to edited our narrative stories like a hundred times.  Finally, I was able to finish. All I had to do was to publish my story. The next day, we got to eat popcorn with our buddies as a celebration!!!

This is the link to my narrative story:

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Reading Response

The Magic Finger
By Roald Dahl
Reviewed by Melissa

“The Magic Finger is something I have been able to do all my life. I can’t tell you just how I do it, because I don’t even know myself…”. This is The Magic Finger. It’s about this unnamed eight-year-old girl tells the story of her nasty neighbours, the Gregg family. The Gregg family loves to hunt, but the girl can’t stand to see animals dying just for fun...ZAPP If you like magic, humor, nasty stories, this would be a great story for you. Find out what happens next……….

Wednesday, November 8, 2017


Our new unit is electricity. Electricity is the movement of molecules. Molecules is atoms. Here is a image of molecules and energy.

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Việt Nam Tổ Quốc Em

Việt Nam Tổ Quốc Em
Em chọn bài này tại vì bài này em làm rất tốt. Bài này nói về đất nước Việt Nam. Em thấy em phải chăm chỉ, học hành lúc làm bài tập trong lớp. Nếu đánh giá theo số 1-10 thì em chọn em là 5.

Thursday, October 5, 2017

over night trip

On Wednesday, the whole grade 5  went to Hoa Binh to visit the  other school. The first day was so scary and exciting because the scary part is leaving home but the exciting part is finding out who your roommates are and what it will be like staying with teachers and the whole grade 5. While we were on the bus, there was nothing we could do but just play card games and chat. When we arrived, I was so excited to see what my new room would look like and whats going to happen next. After we finished unpacking in the rooms, we went down to eat lunch. I must say, I think that the food in the trip was one of the best foods I had out of all the school trips! Thursday was the best day out of all the trips because we had some activity's which are: swimming, dodge ball, mindful activity, baking, and dance (I like swimming the most). At the end of the day, we had the MOST FUNNEST PART OF THE DAY....... DISCO NIGHT!!!!!! That was a memorable moment for me. On friday, we got to visit the other school and ask them what they want for the whole school. After saying goodbye to the students, we had to go back. We were finally back. I just wanted to turn back and stay there but it was to late and now, its time to go home!!!😞